black and white photograph of woman holding a fake skull over her face.

Tamed Raven Fashion is an ongoing, ever evolving outlet of weird, wearable, and decorative handmade goods. Self expression has always been important to me, and so I started creating from a very early age using anything I could get my hands on. I barely even remember my first sewing lessons from my mom, but I'm ever thankful for being taught (I'm pretty sure children that young shouldn't be given sharp objects though...)

Over the years I've jumped at the chance to learn any art skill, and although many of which I never plan on doing again (I'm looking at you, lampwork glass bead making), it's inspiring to learn a new skill and meet like minded people.

I am so thankful for my opportunity to share what I do with the rest of the world, and I truly hope that you love it as well! My tastes are varied and so what I create can span a wide range of styles and inspirations, but I haven't ever been able to narrow things down.